Have been a client for 6 months or so. Found Dennis through one of those special deals around town and keep going back. The salon itself is very trendy with a lot of energy. Everyone there is very professional and tries to make the clients feel comfortable. Dennis is quite the stylist with great ideas for different colors and cuts. I actually have an appointment tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing my “after” self!
— Busy M. (Long Beach, CA)

I have been looking for a new hair stylist for over a year and have went to 3-4 different people, leaving unsatisfied. Dennis worked his magic yesterday and all I can say is THANK GOODNESS!!! I have definitely found my new stylist.

I went it for a cut and decided to get some highlights and the keratin treatment. It came out amazing. I love it; my hair is perfect and ready for the spring and summer season. I woke up this morning with my hair still smooth and straight and outside of my bangs, I didn’t need to straighten anything.

Dennis is definitely worth every penny. He looks at hair not as a job but as a canvas and you his masterpiece. Definitely go see him. I will be in 7 weeks for a highlight touch up.
— Rukka S. (Huntington Beach, CA)

true story... Dennis made room for me at the last minute for a cut and partial highlights before I caught a plane to Singapore. I’m at the crowded LAX security line the next day and the older TSA gentleman keeps re-checking my passport... even wipes his reading glasses and checks it again... He looks at me very sternly states “I’ll let it go this time, but it can’t be right... your birthday says 1966, but it should say 1986” You just can’t get a BETTER review than that!!! LOL!!!! Thanks sooooo much Dennis!! and the hair cut is totally holding up in the horrible humidity of Singapore!
— Paula A. (Newport Beach, CA)

Got a haircut with color and keratin straightening treatment from Dennis. My hair came out amazing. Its been a couple months since, and even other hairstylists comment on how beautiful and natural my haircut and color came out. After the keratin, one hairstylist friend of mine told me I had the most healthiest hair he’s ever seen. Dennis is so friendly and personable. Would highly recommend.
— Roni H. (Irvine, CA)

Keratin straightening from Dennis is amazing!! My hair is naturally curly and super frizzy. Dennis told me the new Keratin treatment was healthier and better than Brazilian straighteners. I was a bit skeptic at first, but he definitely delivered!! After Dennis’s Keratin treatment, I literally wash and go! My hairs healthy, shiny, and straight! I have never been able to just wash my hair and not have to spend at least 20 minutes at minimum drying it and flat ironing it. It saves me so much time! Dennis is amazing. And the two hours it takes to apply the treatment at first go by so fast because he’s so funny and makes it a breeze. It’s a bit expensive, but totally worth it especially because it last months! Keratin is a dream come true and I wish I would have done it sooner! Best beauty investment ever!!
— Brateil A. (Orange, CA)

I was referred to Dennis by a friend of mine because I loved the way he cut her hair. I have been looking for a phenomenal stylist for much too long. Thank God, I came across Dennis Lee. The salon he works at, Armando A Joshua Christopher Salon, also has amazing customer service. Love it. Dennis is very professional, aims to please, comical, and literally the best stylist I have ever come across (and I’ve had many)! He is worth every penny! I very highly recommend him to everyone!
— Chin-Lu H. (Newport Beach, CA)

Dennis at Armando A Joshua Christopher Salon in Newport is the best hairstylist in Orange County hands down. He is so passionate and JUST LOVES HIS CLIENTS. The shirt of Dennis is like nothing I have ever seen in a hair stylist. Hes my hair guy, my therapist, my ego boster, love of all time!!! He will be your friend for live after meeting this guy. I just cant say enough things about Dennis. The salon is great and sexy. The Location next to the Ferrari dealership is fabulous! A must see for Orange County! xoxo Dennis for life.
— C.H. (Santa Monica, CA)

SO TALENTED. Ive never had a hairstylist impress me so much. You can trust him with any length, shape, or style!
— Lindsey M. (Los Angeles, CA)

I have been going to Dennis for over a year now and couldn’t be happier. He is always very professional and a genius when it comes to cutting hair. I never have to worry about a bad haircut when I go see Dennis. I am always very impressed by the caliber of his clients and those at the salon. I will continue to recommend my friends to go and see Dennis.
— Joe S. (Newport Beach, CA)

Got my hair refreshed today! Dennis did a great job on my highlights and cut... love all of it, SO happy :)
— Katie P. (Newport Beach, CA)

Dennis is fantastic! I have blonde hair that I get highlighted, it has many red undertones. Other stylists oftentimes would color my hair and the red would come through to much. This has not happened since I have been going to Dennis. Also, the way he cuts my hair with long layers is amazing. I would recommend him to anyone!
— Katie B. (Aliso Viejo, CA)

My look was transformed, I feel lite and fab!!!! Thanks Dennis! I absolutly love my cut!
— Elena S. (Newport Beach, CA)

I originally bought a Living Social deal to try out Dennis Lee back in March. I was extremely pleased with my highlights and cut. My color turned out amazing and looked very natural. He also did a fabulous job on my cut and it was exactly what I asked for. It has now been 3 months and I am just having to make an appointment for the color. Was very happy that it lasted as long as it did. Dennis is a great stylist and super friendly as well. He is definitely worth the price!
— Michelle G. (Costa Mesa, CA)

I have been going to Dennis for 15 years now! There are not enough nice words to describe what a great talented hair dresser Dennis truly is!!! He does my keratin treatment every six months plus he cuts my hair as needed. His hair cuts seriously last and get better with time- I LOVE my hair thanks to Dennis! He knows how crappy my hair can be BUT with his magic as I like to call it, my hair actually looks amazing! I get a lot compliments about my hair cuts and as a matter of fact all my friends go to him now too! Im one loyal client because he knows what he is doing and he delivers what you tell him you need. Nobody can ever replace his work- taking the weight out of my hair, getting rid of the frizzy hair, layering just perfect AND not to mention his blow dries are OUTSTANDING!
— Bella B. (Newport Beach, CA)

My daughter referred me to Dennis Lee. I have long, thick, curly hair and it’s not easy to cut my hair. This was also the first time I decided to highlight my hair and was hesitant to go to someone new. I have to say I couldn’t be happier. Dennis knew how to cut and style my curly hair and the highlights look amazing. I asked him to make me look like I had just come back from Maui and that’s exactly what I looked liked. I walked out of the salon feeling like a million dollars. I’m also going back in two weeks to get the keratin treatment. Dennis works at Armando A Joshua Christopher Salon on Pacific Coast Highway, everyone in the salon was friendly, Dennis has a great sense of humor and was very professional.
— Veronica A. (Newport Beach, CA)

I have been going to Dennis Lee since 2008 and love the dedicated service that I receive...he always makes me feel like a queen! As a PR pro, I need to look good, so having a stylist that cares is important to me. He has taken me from brown to blonde and back to brown again. My daughter who is now 14 got her hair cut and styled by Dennis and refuses to go see anyone else. I consider Dennis a ‘friend’ to our family and not just our stylist. The fact that he needs to stand on a stool to do my hair makes me giggle...(I’m six-feet tall). We adore Dennis!
— Kimberly W. (Newport Beach, CA)

Since moving to California I could not be happier then to have found Dennis Lee! Having wanted an ombre for over a year I felt confident that Dennis’s expertise and skill would allow me to try different styles that I would normally be hesitant with. I have had blond hair for the past ten years and I am so happy with the new color and style! Dennis also showed me straightening techniques and had great advice for products that are making a huge difference in my appearance. My hair is silkier and healthier then ever before. Having a master stylist really has made the biggest difference and I would highly recommend him!!!!
— Brooke W. (Dana Point, CA)

I met Dennis Lee when I responded to an online special for the Keratin Blowout treatment. I was a bit hesitant to go to a new person but had moved and was looking for a new stylist anyway. I was familiar with the Armando Salon and new it was one of the best in Orange County.

As soon as I walked into the salon for the first time, I was put at ease by the friendly staff , good vibe, and beautiful facility. Dennis introduced himself and we began to discuss the best treatments for my hair. I actually was overdue for color and cut. I decided to have all done that day. I ended up at the salon for over three hours that day. Dennis even treated me to a sandwich since it was around the lunch hour.

By the time I left that day, I had a beautiful new cut, gorgeous combination of highlights and lowlights and silky hair with great shine.

Dennis is a personable professional that loves what he does. The salon is very inviting which makes the experience even better.
— Gwen F. (Corona Del Mar, CA)

Dennis has been styling my hair for 4 years. Since the first time he styled my hair I loved his work and never received more compliments from friends and strangers about my color, highlights, and cut. . He is the best stylist I have ever gone to, anywhere!
— Harriet D. (Dana Point, CA)

I found out about Dennis while surfing in the internet and I am glad I did. I really like the way he greeted me from the first time I walked in and he knew what he was doing, without me telling me. I love my haircuts and the color that I get from Dennis has lasted me much longer than any other place I have been and does not leave my hair dry, but shiny and healthy. Thank you Dennis for your caring touch and your smile!
— Sheida A. (Irvine, CA)

I’m so glad I never have to wonder what my hair would look like on it’s best day ever again. Dennis Lee made my hair beautiful, easy to care for, look good, feel good, for several months. He works by my parents house, and I will make sure to see him on every trip to CA. I’ll make the pilgrimage when I need a hair cut, because no one else I’ve tried can TOUCH what he can do. Salon was nice too, but I’d follow him anywhere.
— Perry (Arizona)

Dennis is worth every dime and then some. He’s an artist who knows how to bring out the best in any client, any age—to the point where he told me it would be malpractice for him to cut my hair in the stacked bob style that I wanted, having admired it on other women and in magazine pix. He actually showed me in the mirror why that style would be a BIG MISTAKE for my hair and facial structure and then recommended a better solution to what was really my desire for something relatively carefree. And think about it. Men spend a lot more on one round of golf.
— Terri Langhans (www.BlahBlahBlah.us)

Have you ever cringed when you sit in a salon chair and the stylist asks you: “What do you want me to do with your hair?” This is not Dennis Lee. He will tell you in no certain terms what he is going to do with your hair and I promise you, you will be happy. The style is easy, fun and fresh, but still classy.
— Helena Du Toit

Dennis Lee is phenomenal! I see him regularly and my hair has never looked better, cutwise or colorwise. I actually recently went away on a long vacation to national and international destinations and had to make 2 other hair appointments in the meantime. It made me realize even more how amazing Dennis is at what he does. I traveled the world and no matter where I went, it wasn’t the same. I returned to the best hair designer in the world! Thank goodness for Dennis!
— Tarla, designer (www.TarlaCoutoure.com)

Dennis Lee has been my hair hero for close to 15 years now. I trust NOBODY but the genius Dennis to work his magic on my hair. He does such a fabulous job and I get so many compliments, I’m not even sure what my natural color is anymore! He is always a joy to see and I look forward to many more years of wonderful hair color. Thank you Dennis!!
— Jennifer

I met Dennis 3 years ago and he convinced me rather quickly that I should come get my hair cut at his salon. So I decided on my next hair cut I would try him out. I had absolute virgin hair. I have never had my hair dyed once and my haircut at the time was long and cut exactly straight all the way around, zero layers, zero fun. Dennis was totally professional and listened to all of my concerns, mainly about not chopping my hair off, since I have always had really long hair and I have never experimented with styles. He cut it perfectly and every time I come in he makes it look terrific. Then I started getting some grey hairs and Dennis told me he could make it look fabulous without damaging my hair and still cover the greys. So I gave it a shot and I am 100% pleased. If you are nervous about taking the plunge and having your hair colored or trying a new cut, I assure you Dennis will take excellent care of you. I do not have any regrets and between the amazing cuts he has given me for the past 3 years and now the incredible color he put on me, I could not be happier. I would refer Dennis to anyone! He is the ultimate professional.
— Sarah E.

I have been a client of Dennis for over 10 years now... Everyone always compliments and notices my haircuts after I go see Dennis! I absolutely LOVE his work. I would never trade Dennis for anyone else-he knows exactly what he’s doing. I have sent a lot of friends to him, and it’s usually right after my haircuts- they love it and want it too! The Salon is absolutely gorgeous plus the staff is very friendly and professional.
— Sarai. E


You have become my new hero!!

I love the back (as you said I would) and the left side looks awesome. The top…I wasn’t able to get the same piecy/chopped look as you did and (it feels full) but I’m going to pick up the straight iron this evening to see if I can improve on the bangs and right side. In a one day test…pretty terrific, will keep you posted.

As to the guy I live with, he absolutely loved it!

Thanks for listening and understanding (I could actually see the light in your eyes saying I get this) and as to your charm and follow-up, gotta say it…so far you are amazing!
— Sam