Tips to Prepare a Great Wedding Hair Style

What vogue does one need to travel for? ought to your hair be curled, straight, have associate degree up-do, any wedding hairstyle accessories? What vogue can look best with the form of your face? What wedding hairdo can look nice with the dress you have got chosen?

Your best approach are going to be to start out considering this stuff well beforehand of the marriage date.You will additionally need to start out visiting hair salons as shortly as you're done selecting your bridal gown. Another common downside related to wedding hairstyles are often associated with finding a good hair salon and stylist.

Here square measure my tips to organize a good wedding hairdo and opt for your stylist.

Budget. Decide however your wedding hairstyle expense can slot in your total wedding budget and follow that quantity once craving for a stylist.
Dress. Take an image of your bridal gown with you after you visit salons. If attainable, have somebody take an image of you whereas you're attempting the dress on to convey the stylist a more robust plan of however you truly look sporting the dress.

Change of dress or hair accessories. Recently several brides square measure sporting two dresses; one for the marriage then another as a night robe. make sure to let your stylist understand thus she is also able to be of help wherever required to form any changes necessary. This includes hair accent changes that may be created for transitioning to the evening wedding. Your stylist will facilitate with removal of any hair accessories or a veil.

Salon search. Google seek for salons that concentrate on wedding hair that square measure native to you. raise them if they need a stylist WHO makes a speciality of wedding hair. arouse worth ranges, convenience, level of expertise, and samples.

Consider your own hair texture. does one have frizzy hair? Oily hair? Fine hair? will the stylist you're considering appear to require this into account? If not, why? These is also red-flags to prompt you to continue your seek for an honest stylist.

Weather. Take under consideration the time of year additionally because the weather and the way hair one by one responds to climate circumstances; notably wet. On raising the particular chance with relation to kink up, cross-check employing a sensible anti-frizz humour so as to damp locks. This specifically ought to extremely facilitate to regulate kink up.

Setting. wherever can you have got your wedding? Outside? Ballroom? you'll be wanting your look to flow nicely with the settings of your wedding. For a Hall or dance palace, take into account up-do's, buns, and a additional formal hairstyle. For an off-the-cuff setting like a curtilage, a beach, take into account a glance that's slightly less formal in look.

Wedding hairstyle accessories. There square measure several to settle on from. Wedding hair accessories square measure terribly elegant, high-ticket trying, and extremely superior. the numerous wedding hair accessories that you just will make a choice from embrace a classy jewelled headdress, hair flowers, transparent quartz hair items, and plenty of additional. an adjunct will spherical out that excellent look you're after!

Bring any veil or wedding hair accent. make sure to indicate them to your stylist of selection before the day of the marriage in order that they have an honest plan of what they'll be operating with and along you'll be able to discuss what designs work best together with your veil or accent. If you do not have it purchased however however conceive to wear one then merely purchase one thing similar from the shop.

Veil Removal. If you are doing conceive to wear a veil then raise your stylist for suggestions on veil removal looking on what reasonably veil you're mistreatment. One suggestion is to contemplate a veil that's not stitched to the most head-piece or jewelled headdress however are often simply hooked up or removed with velcro that is additionally called hook-and-loop.

Photographer. raise the salon owner if their creative person is allowed within the salon to require photos of the bride and bridemaids obtaining their hair done. most frequently this could not be a tangle however you wish to make sure so things will go swimmingly on your special day!

Food and Snacks. raise the salon owner if you're allowed to bring any snacks or drinks for yourself and any bridemaids. At times, the owner might even be happy to produce lightweight snacks and drinks themselves, and particularly if they understand sooner than time.

Try before creating a final selection. refer to your stylist on attempting your wedding hairstyle selection before the day of your actual wedding thus you'll be able to really confirm whether or not this vogue can work well for you or not. You possibly can love the manner it seems and judge to stay thereupon selection however you'll notice that it'd look a little off, desires some tweaking, otherwise you may have to choose a completely totally different vogue if it simply does not offer you the correct look. offer yourself half dozen months of looking out and attempting before creating that final selection.

Listen to your instincts. you'll notice you're uncomfortable with an exact stylist or not as excited with an adjunct as you initially thought. you'll have over one vogue that you just love and wish time to choose. make certain you're as happy as attainable together with your stylist and your selection of wedding hairdo for that big day just because you merit it on such a vital occasion!
You will need your wedding hairstyle to appear nice together with your robe, your settings, and most of all it ought to be a hairstyle that offers you confidence, a contented glow, and fits you the foremost.

Dennis lee is Hair stylist in Newport Beach working in Armando joshua christopher salon helps you to make you special in your BIG DAY with his talented hair styles.

Scalp Massages for Hair Growth

If you’re longing for a home treatment to assist invigorate the scalp, take into account scalp massages for hair growth. A healthy, rested scalp is a very important a part of healthier wanting hair and provides the best atmosphere for hair growth. to push existing hair growth and scale back shedding, you must take a clinically tested hair growth supplement with a scientifically developed mix of marine extracts, vitamins and minerals. Plus, use a mild shampoo that exfoliates and conditions, an honest moisturizing conditioner with Argan Oil, and a hair bodily fluid for men or ladies with application to invigorate the scalp. however if you’d wish to do additional to push healthy wanting hair, add a scalp massage for hair growth to your daily hair routine.

How to Massage Scalp for Hair Growth

Not solely will a scalp massage invigorate the scalp and facilitate promote smart blood circulation to hair follicles, however it additionally can assist you relax. Stress relief is essential to your overall health and extreme stress has been connected to excessive hair loss. therefore it's vital to scale back stress where attainable. although you'll be able to use a soft-bristled brush to massage the scalp, scalp massages is done quite effectively with simply your fingertips. Here is your how-to guide to doing scalp massages for hair growth.

Clean and detangle hair with a mild shampoo and moisturizing conditioner. Hair is either wet or dry once massaging, betting on your preference. However, if your hair is wet, you'll wish to massage additional gently as a result of hair is additional fragile and liable to breakage once wet.
Place the pads of 2 fingers on your scalp (avoid exploitation your nails to reduce hair damage). Keeping fingertips on the scalp, extend and retract fingers many times, creating a ‘V’ or ‘check mark’ image on the scalp.
Gently move your 2 fingers around, massaging slowly in an exceedingly circular motion, covering all components of the scalp. try this gently however unendingly for a minimum of 3-5 minutes, a minimum of once on a daily basis.
Using Essential Oils with Scalp Massages for Hair Growth

Some studies have shown that adding pure, natural flavoring oils once massaging the scalp will increase circulation and so may well be essential to the way to stimulate hair growth with massages. If your scalp and skin square measure sensitive, check with a medical specialist before exploitation essential oils for the primary time. He or she will advise on the simplest sort of oil for your skin sort. Peppermint and rosemary oils facilitate invigorate the scalp. Lavender oil will facilitate promote overall relaxation. Rose and herb oils facilitate dampen and soothe dry, sensitive skin. Following your massage, if you want to soak up additional of the oil into your hair and scalp, wrap a heat, damp towel around your head for roughly ten minutes. once massaging with oil, continuously wash hair totally with a mild shampoo to get rid of excess oils, particularly if you're naturally liable to oily hair and scalp.

Hair follicles within the dermal papilla of the scalp want essential nutrients so as to grow healthy-looking, thick and robust hair from at intervals. If you're attempting to use scalp massages to induce nutrients to follicles additional quickly, your results are inconclusive. However, the advantages of scalp massage for hair loss square measure that improved blood circulation to follicles can facilitate promote the best atmosphere for healthy hair growth. this can be however regular scalp massages facilitate to stop hair loss and excessive hair shedding.

Treat & Prevent Split Hair Ends

If you truly try to urge obviate split hair ends then you have got to grasp the explanations of those split and ruined ends so you'd be ready to treat your hair reception, it'll take time then again you don’t ought to cut your hair, juts got to solve the problems, there area unit countless reasons of those dry and boring wanting split ends as well as dangerous uptake habits, excessive use of hair and styling product, use of dangerous hair accessories and also the commonest one is that the dry and boring scalp and also the dehydration, lack of moisturizing and dry skin and that we area unit about to treat these unwell and boring skin reception.

Treat & forestall Split Hair Ends

Here area unit some straightforward remedies that you simply will attempt to get healthy and exquisite hair reception.

1 Papaya Pack may be a excellent issue to start out the subject as I straightforward y love the results of Papaya, not solely on the hair, however on the skin too and there area unit countless reason to feature it in your diet too, however currently we have a tendency to area unit about to refer hair issue and create|to form|to create} this charming hair pack you only got to take 0.5 ripe papaya so peel it so mash it with fork or liquidizer so add 0.5 a cup of food thereto and make a sleek paste of those 2 things and apply the mixture on your washed hair and you wish to use on the scalp specially for two hours a minimum of so wash it with running water and delicate shampoo.

2 physic is that the next issue that i might suggest you to urge stunning hair, it's terribly healthy and moisturizer and loaded with the hair growth qualities; you only got to combine physic, oil and mustard oil in equal proportions and apply it over your hair and scalp and rub along with your fingers so cowl your hair with swimming or cap for two hours so wash with running water and any baby shampoo.

3 Milk and Cream may be a terribly superb mixture to urge moisturizer and healthy mineral level in your skin or your hair and you'll be able to use butter milk for a similar purpose too, you only got to combine 0.5 a cup of milk in one spoon of cream and mix and beat completely so apply it everywhere your hair and your scalp fir two hours so wash it with running water and any baby shampoo.

4 Honey may be a have terribly healthy and effective natural moisturizer and medicinal drug agent and it's excellent for skin and hair and it's excellent for your split ends, simply take 0.5 cup of curd and blend it with a tablespoon of honey in it so apply it over your tips of the hair so apply on the scalp and rub it so wash it off with running water and shampoo so you'll be able to use it everyday.

5 brew may be a excellent for your hair, not solely to treat the dry hair, however it's excellent to resolve the majority quite hair problems, {you just|you solely|you simply} got to begin exploitation it as final rinse so it'll not only fulfill the moisturizing demand.

6 Eat healthy and be hydrous and take healthy mineral and sustenance supplements.

How To Get Rid Of Dandruff For Good

If you have got dandruff then I will say that you just wish to induce obviate it, if you seriously wish to induce obviate it then you wish to grasp what it is? What build it thus stubborn and what square measure the explanations of dandruff, once you comprehend it, you may be really able to get obviate it permanently.

How To Get obviate Dandruff permanently

Sometime, thanks to numerous reason as well as over exposure, use of unhealthy chemicals, unhealthy and unbalanced diet arrange and life vogue, build our skin and our scalp dry, we tend to do apply moisturizer on our face ample time during a day, however we tend to don’t care regarding the scalp that keep gating dry so we tend to begin obtaining dry skin flacks that we tend to decision dandruff or xerotes and these days we tend to square measure sharing some straightforward mask that you just will use once every week and you may not solely handle dandruff, however you may be really be able to stop it too.

Aloe Vera Gel: burn plant may be a wizard plant, loaded with countless advantages and one in every of that's, it's terribly moisturizing and healthy plant, not just for your skin, however it's superb for your scalp too, since it's superb to forestall xerotes and healing the unclothed off skin and it not solely offer the natural wetness within the scalp, however it handle your infections and germs problems too, you'll be able to get burn plant gel in virtually each chemist's, native chemist's otherwise you will get a plant and take fancy the advantages of burn plant gel, take 3 tablespoon of burn plant gel and blend it with any carrier oil and rub everywhere your scalp with hands and let it get dry for two hours so wash your hair with any baby shampoo.

Olive Oil: oil is nice supply of tocopherol and it's loaded with natural moisturizer and healthy minerals, since it's Very light and natural, it ne'er block your pours or hair follicles, to induce all the healthy advantages, you only ought to take worm oil and rub it over your scalp so tie your hair during a wrap for one night so wash it off with any delicate shampoo, {you will|you'll|you'll be able to} use this mask otherwise you can add lime in it, then again you can't keep it for quite two hours and wash your hair with running water and at that time you only ought to ensure that you just square measure exploitation the additional virgin oil, you only ought to use it doubly every week and you may be able to get obviate dandruff permanently.

Aspirin Tablets: Bayer removes any type of redness or itching from the skin and it's terribly delicate thus you hardly get a infection or problems thereupon, you only ought to combine 12-14 tablets in plain water and build a sleek past and apply that over your scalp for twenty minutes so wash it off with running water, you'll be able to use it each week.

Aloe Vera for Hair Loss

Aloe vera is believed to be a decent natural seasoner remedy for hair loss. there's very little scientific proof to support burn plant as a cure for depilation. However, burn plant can facilitate soothe the scalp. And a healthy, conditioned scalp provides the perfect setting for hair growth.

How will burn plant Nourish Hair & Scalp

The reason you'll be tempted to use burn plant as a hair fall treatment is that the soothing and calming succulent conditions the scalp. burn plant is a wonderful natural moisturizer and skin conditioner. It will cut back flaky, unquiet scalp and cut back dandruff. burn plant gel additionally helps cut back s1ebum, or oil, on the scalp. Excess secretion will combine with dirt and rubble resulting in blocked pores and impede hair growth.

How to Use burn plant for Hair & Scalp

100% natural burn plant gel is applied on to the scalp. If you're handy within the room, you'll be able to create a home-brewed burn plant shampoo by combining burn plant gel with alimentation oil and coconut milk. Or for a neater answer, get a mild natural shampoo that contains naturally derived ingredients and is scientifically developed to scrub and condition hair. a decent light shampoo helps produce the perfect setting for healthy hair growth. Another tip for a healthy scalp may be a scientifically developed hair and scalp blood serum. notice one with lotion to invigorate the scalp, and ingredients derived from natural sources, like pea sprouts and grape seeds, that condition the scalp and create hair look thicker.

Alternatives to burn plant for Hair Loss

Aloe vera gel may be a natural answer to condition and moisturise the scalp. however attempt a clinically established answer if you notice excess hair shedding and hair loss. take into account ever-changing your diet to make sure that you simply ar intake a decent mixture of marine proteins, vitamin C, B vitamins, iron and atomic number 30 to nourish hair follicles from among. Or take a hair growth supplement to take care {you ar|you're} obtaining the proper mixture of vitamins and minerals that are clinically established to market existing hair growth.

Tips to Give Body to Fine Hair

The quest to feature volume and provides body to hair is one that continues to drive true innovation in hair product, and bear on some previous wives’ tales.

In this article, we are going to share our 3 golden tips to feature volume to hair naturally. Plus, we are going to justify a way to select styling product that don't overwhelm fine hair, serving to you to offer body to hair and add volume for the thick, bouncy hair of your dreams.

So browse on for our prime volumizing hair tips to feature body and volume to hair!

1. Nutrition: the final word Tip to offer Body to Hair

The number-one tip to offer body to skinny hair is to look at your dietary intake. Your body wants a myriad of nutrients and vitamins to market hair growth. though a number of these ar out there in your current diet, many folks don't have the breadth of option to get the perfect cocktail.

Rather than radically alter your traditional plan, we advise supplementing your existing diet with Viviscal further Strength. This one-stop look contains a specialised mix of vitamins and minerals, that work along to assist nourish hair from at intervals.

Once your hair follicles ar adequately fed, they'll war the duty of manufacturing the luscious, voluminous hair of your dreams. However, if your diet is deficient in these crucial ingredients, the hair growth cycle are going to be inefficient.

2. light-weight Shampoo & Conditioner

For those folks with naturally fine hair, several shampoos and conditioners is dictatorial. Thick and creamy consistencies slathered on our somewhat wispy superior will leave North American nation feeling sort of a cat once a shower.

Additionally, hair wash with a heavier consistency tends to contain a lot of oil. this may mix with the natural secretion, made on our scalp, and cause hair to seem too greasy.

Choosing a light-weight however densifying shampoo and conditioner helps to supply volume to skinny hair while not the unpleasantness of a lot of viscous alternatives.

3. Hair Filler Fibers – an immediate answer to offer Body to Hair

By far the foremost effective thanks to improve hair growth and texture like a shot is to use hair filler fibers. These microfibers ar Associate in Nursing aesthetic instant answer for those with skinny hair. the small fibers ar out there in a very color to match your natural shade, and ar immune to rain and wind. every fiber is has Associate in Nursing static coating in order that it naturally adheres to every hair strand, building natural wanting thickness in seconds.

While hair filler fibers might not be coping with the matter of hair loss at its root (no pun intended), they'll offer an easy thanks to improve the looks of cutting hair. Let’s face it, dietary changes will take patience and time to essentially get. These distinct microfibers is an amazing thanks to transition from lackluster locks, to the height of your natural volume and shine. provide body to hair – instantly!


"R" Rated Summer

For Summer I’ve created new exciting Hairstyles and Color from my launch of my “ R “ rated collection. When we see an “ R “  rated film we experience so many emotions and feelings, like Mystery, Intrigue , Sex, Violence, excitement, Romance and Beauty. My new styles and color has all this to take us into the hottest summer ever.

It all started from my recent award that I received being voted Runner Up in The Making The Cut Hairstyling competition on March 31st , 2014 up against 700 applicants to be Top Hairstylist of Orange County, then on to top 6. My theme for the “ R “ rated collection was launched for the show and was a hit. Now I’m putting these ideas and feelings in my work at the Salon in color and shapes.

“R“ rated collection isn’t for everyone but for those of you that like this idea, these looks will be perfect for you.

Winter Time Glam 2013

As we pull out our winter coats and bundle up for the cool season ahead, it's a great time to shine.   Through color and style, we can go all out and allow our hair to accentuate our personality. Fresh, crisp new hair cuts and rejuvenated colors can give way to to the New You for a New Year. You can change anything about yourself and being confident and successful can begin with your appearance. People who look good, feel good and that can pave the way to a whole new image and lifestyle design.

As we approach the most social time of the year, I want to make sure you look and feel your best! Lets get creative and allow your attitude to be seen. So here we are for new beginnings and the Glamorous season ahead.

Cut & Style

Short Hair   
Short hair IS the Attitude. With so many celebrities leading the way, Hollywood continues to set the trend for pixies and short shags.  So if you are ready and looking to make a statement, show off your fierce side with the color and cut of a new short hairstyle.

Medium Hair  
This has been the year to rock a mid length style. As more women entrepreneurs make their stand in the business world, this hairstyle radiates a crisp and clean look. I have some great new styles and new edgy looks for mid length hair. There are so many varieties for this length from the classic clean bob to mid length edgy shag. Simple ways to style this length are also great to make a change one being the Marilyn Monroe wave which is perfect for holiday parties.

Long Hair  
Luxurious long seamless layers are always seen as glamorous. Growing your hair out has never been easier with the new Keratin Treatment allowing this style to become easy and effortless. I have made more signature styles with this length then any other. My cuts allow the hair to fall into amazing stylish waves with a natural flow. Long layers also make it easy for me to create glamorous Updo's which are great for the romantic season ahead.


Diamond Blondes
Sparkle like a diamond this season.  Bold highlights and crisp blonde tones are great for the winter.  Champagne Blonde hues are wonderful. Use the shine in your blonde to accentuate your style.   

Sexy Brunettes 
From Dark Espresso to a Light Cappuccino, the dimensions of this shades are endless.  Warm tones like Baileys and Graham Cracker color are great for highlights and definetley in this season. So bring out your sexiness this season with a deep rich new color.

Fiery Reds 
There is no better way to make a statement then with a fierce red color.  Great for a solid or highlight, there are so many ways to work with this color. The tones start with a Dark Cabernet, followed by a Rich Red Auburn, then Copper and the lightest being Strawberry Blonde. I absolutely love working with this colors for the festive winter season.

Urban Ombre

My latest technique with the ombre takes it to a sever level if you are willing to go there.  This edgey young street look is still glam and can rocked this winter. We are causing Chaos with this one  so be one the first to have it.  

Fall Into New Style 2013

We are entering into my favorite season and time of year. I find a lot of inspiration in nature that influences my color choice and artistic ability as a hair stylist.  Warm days and cool nights inspire me to create incredible warmer and brighter colors.  Leaving the summer days behind, I look forward to offering Deep Conditioning Treatments to all of my clients.  With all of the beach days and outdoor activities from summer this is the time to renew and restore healthy hair.  

Keratin Treatment is the most effective way to protect your hair from UV Rays, chlorine and salt.  It keeps the hair silky, shiny, smooth and frizz free while offering the least amount of time and effort needed for styling . Giving you the lowest maintenance hair care you ever thought possible, freeing up more of your time.  I have sought out the highest quality product for this treatment, making it last 5 to 6 months compared to others that only last 2 to 3 months. 

 I have some great seasonal tips below including hair cutting trends, styles and colors !  As always I am looking forward to being apart of your new Fall Style and look forward to seeing you at the salon soon.

Cut & Style

Short Hair 
Models, celebrities and leading roles are keeping this trend fresh.  From pixie cuts to A Lines and short shags the options are endless.  If you are looking for a drastic change, this is the way to do it.  End off this year with the excitement of a new fresh look and go short.

Medium Hair Length   
This is the most diverse hair length, with unlimited options in layering.  Subtle changes in cut and style can create a whole new look tailored just for you.  The shag is in and no one rocks it best then medium length hair.

Long Hair  
Always great for updo's and curls, color and shine can make all the difference.  So many ways to style, from flat ironing and curling, so be sure to ask me the latest techniques your next time in. 

Seamless Layering is definitely one of my signature cuts.  I have studied and perfected this style through the years.  Not choppy, steppy or chunked but perfectly shaped for all lengths. 


Bombshell Blondes
Blonde on blonde is a color for Luxury.  Rich highlights and pale subtle blondes are great for the fall.  If you are going to be Blonde, be Blonde. 

Sexy Brunettes 
I am still in love with the Graham Cracker color from the past season.  Chestnut shades are always great and can be involved in solid dimensions as well as highlights.  This season calls for rich and deep hues. 

Copper Reds 
There are many  color choices starting with Dark Cabernet, followed by a Rich Red Auburn, then Copper and the lightest being Strawberry Blonde. The fall sunsets inspire me to create exciting new hair colors and the reds are always my favorite in the fall.

Urban Highlights

My newest technique and signature look is the Urban highlight.  It is a take on the Ombre but with a twist of streaky, grungy, dirty and Extravagant look all at the same time.  We are causing Chaos with this one  so be one the first to have it.   

Wedding Season 2013

The most glamorous look for Brides and Bridal parties depends upon the personality of the wedding and the chemistry of the Bride and Bridesmaids. Updos are timeless, from Audrey Hepburn's classic french twist to Brigitte Bardot's messy disheveled updo, they will always be in high demand for the special occasions.  The moments before a wedding is such a special bonding time!  I enjoy being part of this monumental event, whether its in the Salon or at the Hotel, I love making it happen!

The celebration of a wedding will be captured for eternity.  This is the season to get your hair its very best and make sure the color and condition sets you apart . I hope you enjoy this special addition as many special occasions are upon us.  From being in a wedding to celebrating another milestone, there is always an opportunity to get the latest updo and style! 

Summer Heat 2013

Summer is here ! Longer days filled with beaches, pools, BBQ's and vacations.  With all of the fun in the sun activities, this is the season that hair care is most essential.  Why wait until the damage is done when simple hair maintenance can prevent it all together? Keratin Treatment is the most effective way to protect your hair from UV Rays, chlorine and salt.  It keeps the hair silky, shiny, smooth and frizz free while offering the least amount of time and effort needed for styling and looking sexy all summer long. Giving you the lowest maintenance hair care you ever thought possible freeing up more of your time to spend doing the things you love.  I have sought out the highest quality product for this treatment, making it last 5 to 6 months compared to others that only last 2 to 3 months. 

Outside the salon it is important to protect your hair and keep your color vibrant in between visits.  Hair sunscreen serums like Moroccan Oil, Kerastase and Seven are all top of the line products. Use a quarter size portion to saturate the length and ends before going in the sun.  Leave on conditioners are also great.  Do it yourself deep conditioning is also another preventative measure and I sell Conditioning Paks that you can use while in the sun. 

I have some great seasonal tips below including hair cutting trends, styles and colors !  As always I am looking forward to being apart of your new Summer Style and look forward to seeing you at the salon soon.

Cut & Style

Short Hair 
If you have ever considered rocking a short hair style this is the season to do it.  Models, celebrities and leading roles are keeping this trend fresh.  From pixie cuts to A Lines and short shags the options are endless.

Medium Hair Length   
Flat ironed, curled or flipped out, this is the most diverse hair length.  With unlimited options in layering and length, your style can easily be changed for a new look.  A-line, Straight or Round Bob as well as Shoulder Length,  Shag or Short Layers there are so many ways for subtle changes into the new season. 

Long Hair  
My signature cut for this length is the Victoria Secret Layers  also known as seamless layering.  Curls, braids and up dos make this a great length to work with but the cut is most essential to keep it simple and easy to style.


Sun Kissed Blondes
Bombshell blond with sunray highlights is a perfect color for the summer!  Sand colored hues and golden low lights offer endless options for blond on blond coloring.  Make this the season you use your hair color to make a statement - blonder is better!

Sunset Brunettes 
This season  is perfect for honey, caramel and butterscotch highlights.  I am thinking graham cracker is going to be my signature for this color.  Natural highlights or the latest ombre technique makes season this a your time to shine. 

Fiery Reds 
Cabernet, Copper and Strawberry Blonde are perfect tones for the summer reds.  Make your hair color Pop! 

Seasonal Ombre

The Balayage Ombre is my latest hair coloring technique.  Like an artist with a color palette, this new method of applying color allows for more control and blend of dark to light.  This is the perfect way to get that summer sun kissed style and just in time for the season.  

This is also a long standing trend as it is   low maintenance style with application touch ups needed as little as twice a year. 

Updo's & Accessories

Simple side fish tail braids, headband braids and messy Chignons are all signature for summer.   A great tip to enhance these styles is to leave out random drifting pieces. From being at the beach to evening plans, the messy beach hair looks sexy all day long.  So easy updo's are the way to go. 

Spring Into Sunny Days 2013

Its time to re brand and redesign ourselves as we approach a new season in our lives.   With Spring being symbolic of growth, we have the opportunity for transformation. I find a lot of inspiration in nature that influences my color choice and artistic ability as a hair stylist. As we emerge from winter, we have great opportunity for change just as the butterfly.  I have sought out the latest hair trends and fashions and can't wait to hear your feedback  at your next visit to my chair.  And as always I am looking forward to being apart of your new Spring Style!  

Cut & Style

Short Hair 
To make the biggest statement short hair is on fire.  As we see with the STARS, the future trend is short and chic. Charlize Theron, Anne Hathway, Michelle Williams and Emma Watson are all proof of this.  If your looking to make a statement the pixie cut is defiantly in, so now is your time.

Medium Hair Length   
Flat ironed, curled or flipped out, this is the most diverse hair length.  With unlimited options in layering and length, your style can easily be changed for a new look.  A-line, Straight or Round Bob as well as Shoulder Length,  Shag or Short Layers their are so many ways for subtle changes into the new season. 

Long Hair  
Seamless layering like the Victoria Secret models has always inspired my long hair cuts (known as my signature Victoria Secret Layers). Proper shampoo and condition are vital to shinny and healthy hair.  Kerastase by Loreal is a top of the line product diverse for all hair types and defiantly one of my favorites.

Great for all lengths.  Need I say more?


Sunny Kissed Blondes
Honey low lights and pale blonde high lights galore ! Its a perfect time to bring more warm and soft tones into your hair color. 

Sleek Sexy Brunettes 
This season  is perfect for a rich cinnamon,  warm chestnut , or espresso colors. 

Fiery Reds 
Light auburn, copper and strawberry blonde are great reds for the season.

These colors area all great from a straight solid technique to a dimensional color. Another great option is to infuse them into an ombre, an ongoing glamorous style.

Updo's & Accessories

The fish tail braid is great way to stay on top of trends and keep it fresh.  Disheveled Updo's are still a break out hairstyle and has always been one of my favorites !  

For accessories scarfs are great for the season as well as  headbands.   If your short on time this is a great way to stay fashionable on the go.  

Keratin Treament

Take advantage of these benefits of Keratin Treatment:

  • Enhance any style
  • Frizz Free Hair
  • Extreme Shine
  • Style and dry time cut in half
  • Longest lasting Keratin Treatment on the market 
  • Silky and smooth for 5 months 

Thanksgiving + Winter Trends 2012

I am Thankful! 

In this season of thankfulness, I reflect on all to be grateful for...and you come to mind ! Truly, my life would not be what it is without clients like you. Thank you for choosing Dennis Lee Hair for your ongoing style and hair care.   

We are entering into my favorite season and time of year. I find a lot of inspiration in nature that influences my color choice and artistic ability as a hair stylist. As our tans may fade away from the summer, we can enhance our tonal value with deeper and richer hair colors. SANDALWOOD and HONEY WHEAT are great colors for Blonde low lights. Brunettes this season are a perfect candidate for CINNAMON undertone and CHESTNUT highlights. Now for my favorite, those amazing Reds have so many varieties to choose from. BLACK CHERRY, MAHOGANY and BURGUNDY are the best for darker Reds while AUBURN and FIERY AMBER are an ideal match for medium Reds. Light Reds will look great with aRICH COPPER infused into a GOLDEN HUE.

These colors area all great from a straight solid technique to a dimensional color. Another great option is to infuse them into an ombre, an ongoing glamorous style.

Winter Tips & Trends

Disheveled UPDO's are the break out hairstyle of the season and is definitely one of my favorites !  The best strategy is to curl your hair first and take large sections, beginning to twist and hold with bobby pins.  Work your way around the nape of the neck towards the middle and continue to keep pinning in chunky sections until all the hair is pinned up in a disheveled manner.  Let pieces fall out randomly giving the style a sexy and soft appearance.  An added technique is to add braids into this look. 

 Accessories for the season are headbands with pearls, crystals and flowers along with double chains and jewels.   So glam it up and express yourself !

Seamless Layers + Fall Colors

" We don't just create Hairstyles , we create confidence." D.L.

 So fall is officially here and a great time for a image and style make over!  There are some great new fall colors including a"Driftwood Blonde" I have created to help tone down the summer highlights with a new twist on the champagne lowlight.

Seamless Layers

This technique is ideal for working with layers to add amazing texture  without the choppy look.  Seamless Layering gives the appearance of one length with the added volume and control of layers.  

The ends will fall flawlessly with straightened or curled styles and works with both short and long cuts.

Hairstyle Tips for Fall 2012

To make a statement this fall I recommend a combination of  colors in highlights and lowlights.  Amber, chestnut and copper are all fabulous hair colors for brunettes.    For blondes, the summer sun and chlorine can diminish hues within the hair color so I suggest subtle light golden blonde low lights.

One of the long standing trends that I have mastered is the Ombre.  My technique and application for the  Watercolor Ombre Highlights allows for a more subtle transition between you natural color and the lighter tips.

Known as recession proof hair color, the upkeep is very minimal and may only need to be touched up once every five months.  This sexy color looks great with both straight and curled hairstyles but can be exaggerated with a Disheveled Updo.