Spring Into Sunny Days 2013

Its time to re brand and redesign ourselves as we approach a new season in our lives.   With Spring being symbolic of growth, we have the opportunity for transformation. I find a lot of inspiration in nature that influences my color choice and artistic ability as a hair stylist. As we emerge from winter, we have great opportunity for change just as the butterfly.  I have sought out the latest hair trends and fashions and can't wait to hear your feedback  at your next visit to my chair.  And as always I am looking forward to being apart of your new Spring Style!  

Cut & Style

Short Hair 
To make the biggest statement short hair is on fire.  As we see with the STARS, the future trend is short and chic. Charlize Theron, Anne Hathway, Michelle Williams and Emma Watson are all proof of this.  If your looking to make a statement the pixie cut is defiantly in, so now is your time.

Medium Hair Length   
Flat ironed, curled or flipped out, this is the most diverse hair length.  With unlimited options in layering and length, your style can easily be changed for a new look.  A-line, Straight or Round Bob as well as Shoulder Length,  Shag or Short Layers their are so many ways for subtle changes into the new season. 

Long Hair  
Seamless layering like the Victoria Secret models has always inspired my long hair cuts (known as my signature Victoria Secret Layers). Proper shampoo and condition are vital to shinny and healthy hair.  Kerastase by Loreal is a top of the line product diverse for all hair types and defiantly one of my favorites.

Great for all lengths.  Need I say more?


Sunny Kissed Blondes
Honey low lights and pale blonde high lights galore ! Its a perfect time to bring more warm and soft tones into your hair color. 

Sleek Sexy Brunettes 
This season  is perfect for a rich cinnamon,  warm chestnut , or espresso colors. 

Fiery Reds 
Light auburn, copper and strawberry blonde are great reds for the season.

These colors area all great from a straight solid technique to a dimensional color. Another great option is to infuse them into an ombre, an ongoing glamorous style.

Updo's & Accessories

The fish tail braid is great way to stay on top of trends and keep it fresh.  Disheveled Updo's are still a break out hairstyle and has always been one of my favorites !  

For accessories scarfs are great for the season as well as  headbands.   If your short on time this is a great way to stay fashionable on the go.  

Keratin Treament

Take advantage of these benefits of Keratin Treatment:

  • Enhance any style
  • Frizz Free Hair
  • Extreme Shine
  • Style and dry time cut in half
  • Longest lasting Keratin Treatment on the market 
  • Silky and smooth for 5 months