Winter Time Glam 2013

As we pull out our winter coats and bundle up for the cool season ahead, it's a great time to shine.   Through color and style, we can go all out and allow our hair to accentuate our personality. Fresh, crisp new hair cuts and rejuvenated colors can give way to to the New You for a New Year. You can change anything about yourself and being confident and successful can begin with your appearance. People who look good, feel good and that can pave the way to a whole new image and lifestyle design.

As we approach the most social time of the year, I want to make sure you look and feel your best! Lets get creative and allow your attitude to be seen. So here we are for new beginnings and the Glamorous season ahead.

Cut & Style

Short Hair   
Short hair IS the Attitude. With so many celebrities leading the way, Hollywood continues to set the trend for pixies and short shags.  So if you are ready and looking to make a statement, show off your fierce side with the color and cut of a new short hairstyle.

Medium Hair  
This has been the year to rock a mid length style. As more women entrepreneurs make their stand in the business world, this hairstyle radiates a crisp and clean look. I have some great new styles and new edgy looks for mid length hair. There are so many varieties for this length from the classic clean bob to mid length edgy shag. Simple ways to style this length are also great to make a change one being the Marilyn Monroe wave which is perfect for holiday parties.

Long Hair  
Luxurious long seamless layers are always seen as glamorous. Growing your hair out has never been easier with the new Keratin Treatment allowing this style to become easy and effortless. I have made more signature styles with this length then any other. My cuts allow the hair to fall into amazing stylish waves with a natural flow. Long layers also make it easy for me to create glamorous Updo's which are great for the romantic season ahead.


Diamond Blondes
Sparkle like a diamond this season.  Bold highlights and crisp blonde tones are great for the winter.  Champagne Blonde hues are wonderful. Use the shine in your blonde to accentuate your style.   

Sexy Brunettes 
From Dark Espresso to a Light Cappuccino, the dimensions of this shades are endless.  Warm tones like Baileys and Graham Cracker color are great for highlights and definetley in this season. So bring out your sexiness this season with a deep rich new color.

Fiery Reds 
There is no better way to make a statement then with a fierce red color.  Great for a solid or highlight, there are so many ways to work with this color. The tones start with a Dark Cabernet, followed by a Rich Red Auburn, then Copper and the lightest being Strawberry Blonde. I absolutely love working with this colors for the festive winter season.

Urban Ombre

My latest technique with the ombre takes it to a sever level if you are willing to go there.  This edgey young street look is still glam and can rocked this winter. We are causing Chaos with this one  so be one the first to have it.